Air Conditioning

Why theTrendRushNeedNow?

Todays world in refrigeration is completely different to how it started out. our requirement has outstripped the ability to provide enough for today let alone the future.

on this page we dive in deep with the history of where refrigeration came from, to its different uses in different industries and why there is more demand then ever for domestic air conditioning in the uk compared to a decade ago.

The History of Refrigeration

In this Brief History, we will cover over the major inventions and major changes to save time, however if you would like to dive deeper there will be content in the learning portal to dig into later!


1805 - Oliver Evans

The first person to design the refrigerantion cycle we know today.



1850's - Ferdinand Carre

The first inventor of refrigeration equipment used to produce ice.


1927 - GE Release the Monitor Top

Until 1910 storage of food was still in iceboxes, then 1911 GE released a gas powered refrigerator and changed the power required to run it with electricity for this one in 1927.


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